Introducing Gatis, an incredible hospitality and leisure photographer and video creator born in Latvia and now proudly calling the UK home. With over a two decades of adventure under his belt, Gatis has explored 30+ countries, fuelling his love for travel and infusing his work with a global perspective.
Having honed his culinary expertise through hands-on experience with top hotels in the southwest of the UK and private clubs even across the pond inĀ  Florida, USA, Gatis brings a deep understanding of the flavours and artistry behind exceptional cuisine.
With his camera as his trusted companion, Gatis expertly captures the magic of each destination he visits. Through his stunning visuals, he weaves captivating tales that transport viewers to the heart of luxury, hospitality and cultural immersion.
Join Gatis on an extraordinary journey as he uncovers hidden gems, showcasing the essence of hospitality and leisure in a way that speaks straight to your soul. Get ready to be inspired and let your wanderlust ignite as you delve into Gatis' world of breathtaking visuals and unforgettable experiences.
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